• Neutral alkali glass test successful

    At the beginning of 2015, the company and the Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Group to invest nearly one million rmb, which lasted 70 days, the composition of th [ 2015-08-28 ]

  • India Hopewell Opal glass tableware Expa

    TPD TO 40TPD In 2011 Huafu and Hopewell established good and long term cooperation relationship .Huafu give the turnkey project for Hopewell for 30TPD opal tab [ 2014-11-19 ]

  • OverSea Market Gain The New Year Contrac

    After we HUAFU reach the 30TPD opal tabelware sucess of the turnkey project in India 2013 , 2014 begain India The gems farther visit us , moreover after one day [ 2014-03-20 ]

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